Bookings made easy

The flexible online app that helps you manage and make bookings for almost anything!

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Bookings made easy

The only app that gives you complete control of your resources

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Save money

With a value plan to suit your needs, booking efficiency can improve your bottom line.

Manage on-the-go

You’re in control with all the latest devices.

Do things your way

Configurable and flexible to suit your changing needs.

See the big picture

Clear, visual reporting will help your booking resource management efficiency.

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So flexible, we’re certain it’ll improve your booking processes

…whatever your environment

Click on a resource type to see how it’ll work for you

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Speedy Set-up, Easy Operation

Using a sophisticated booking engine, Bookingintelligence ensures that the right resources are matched to the specific requirements of each booking request.  As the resource manager, you can enter multiple resource types, locations, users, scheduling constraints, resource rate cards and other custom fields for ultimate control.

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